Unique cultures of Muong hill-tribe minority

Muong hill-tribe minority resides in the northern range mountain of Vietnam, and they gather most in Hoa Binh province and some mountainous areas of Thanh Hoa province. Muong people are in harmony with Kinh people. Besides, as they have the same origin with the Kinh, so their language belongs to Vietnamese-Muong language group.

What is the best season to travel to Sapa?

There are many tourists who want to visit Sapa, Lao Cai but they may don’t know the best time to enjoy interesting experiences and see the most beautiful landscape. With our travel experience in Sapa, we will give you some useful information to help you had unforgetable memories.

What is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay

With its majestic natural beauty, Ha Long Bay is regarded as a popular tourist destination in Vietnam that you should not miss in your life. Come to discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay at least once - one of the two bays that UNESCO recognizes as a natural heritage of the world, and one of the seven new natural wonders of the world!