Unique cultures of Muong hill-tribe minority

Muong hill-tribe minority resides in the northern range mountain of Vietnam, and they gather most in Hoa Binh province and some mountainous areas of Thanh Hoa province. Muong people are in harmony with Kinh people. Besides, as they have the same origin with the Kinh, so their language belongs to Vietnamese-Muong language group,

Muong people are often settling in the mountainous areas, in which there are a lot of production land and near the traffic roads, which are convenient for traveling and doing business. Muong's traditional work is to grow wet rice, but they grow more sticky rice than ordinary rice because ordinary rice is the staple food of their diet. They usually eat things like sticky rice, fish, rice, vegetable, etc.


The exploitation of forest products such as mushroom, wood ear, sausage, lobster, cinnamon, honey, wood, bamboo, rattan is a significant auxiliary source of the Muong family. Typical handicrafts of Muong hill-tribe minority are weaving, knitting, silkworms. Many Muong women weaved with sophisticated techniques.


Most of the Muong people live in the stilt houses with the four-story design. In usual, the upper floor is used for the living space, while the cages are used for livestock, poultry, rice mortar, and other production tools. Their stilt houses are often backed up by hills and mountains, facing the lush green fields, surrounded by four-season trees and flowers. The stilt house is built in a traditional style and well laid out. Thus space is very airy and especially convenient.


Muong's costumes also have a distinct characteristic, reflecting the dedication, sophistication, and ingenuity of the woman. Men usually wear a pullover, round neck, two pockets or bag on the left chest. Men's pants usually have wide tubes, and they have to use a mid-waistband. Men usually cut short hair or wrap a white towel around their head.

Muong casual women often wear a coat (short coat). This is a short-sleeved shirt, split chest, long sleeves, brown or white shirt, inside wearing a white bib. The head often wears white towel, blue with a style which is not as sophisticated as other ethnic groups. The skirt color is black.

The patterns on the costumes of Muong people are remarkable features that cannot be disregarded. It will be a big mistake if we do not mention the patterns of the dress and the waistband skirt. The technique of knitting skirts is very difficult, which involves more complicated sewing and manipulation than conventional weaving, thus requiring a high degree of ingenuity.

Thanks to the rustic and simple beauty, Muong hill-tribe minority has enriched the beauty of the Vietnamese people, as well as created diverse cultural traditions for Vietnamese. The epic "Born land, born water" is the legend of the Muong people who have shown their heroic strength.

To conclude, preserving and promoting good traditions of Muong people is very important. This contributes a great part to the development of tourism in our country.