What is the best season to travel to Sapa?

There are many tourists who want to visit Sapa, Lao Cai but they may don’t know the best time to enjoy interesting experiences and see the most beautiful landscape. With our travel experience in Sapa, we will give you some useful information to help you had unforgetable memories

Located at an altitude of 1600m above the sea level, Sapa has both temperate and subtropical climate with cool air all year round. It can be said that there are features of all four seasons in just one day: the morning is like the spring; the midday is like the summer with light sunshine and mild climate; the afternoon is like autumn with clouds and dew, making you feel a little cold; and the night is like the winter with the deep cold.

The average annual temperature in Sapa is 15°C. In summer; the town does not suffer from the harsh sunshine like the coastal plains, so its temperature is about 13°C - 15°C at night and 20°C - 25°C during the day.

The winter here is often cloudy and cold, and the temperature is sometimes below 0°C with snow. The annual average rainfall ranges from 1800 to 2200 mm, mainly in the period of May to August.

Therefore, it is better to travel to Sapa during the time from September to November or from March to May. The weather in Sapa at this time is quite stable with being sunny in the daytime and cold at night.

During April or May, ethnic minority people grow rice on terraced fields, and many types of beautiful flowers are also in blossom at this time. In addition, the landscape of growing rice is very beautiful and poetic, which is the reason why paparazzi would like to go to Sapa at this time or the harvest season.

The period from September to October is the rice harvest when Sapa is seemingly covered by completely yellow color. This is usually the most favored time that many tourists who have already traveled to Sapa share with us. It is impossible to think of an incredible Sapa covered by a new coat with the hills yellow in color. But you should visit Sapa in the middle or late September because the local nearly finish their harvest in October, making Sapa not as beautiful as the end of September.

It is very cold in Sapa during the time of December to February, and ice and snow even may appear occasionally. This is also the time when the peach blossom is in bloom. Many young couples choose to travel in Sapa at this time to be able to see snow right in Vietnam, and seeing the peach blossom in bloom is also definitely such a great experience.

With abovementioned information, you probably have the answer for the question "when should you go to Sapa?”. Depending on your preference, you can choose your favorite time to visit Sapa.